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Temperament Tests

A temperament test is like an interview with your dog to determine if they would be a good fit in dog daycare. We are not breed discriminatory. If your dog gets along well with people and other dogs they will be accepted into dog daycare.


There are three parts to the test:


1. First we introduce ourselves to your dog. We touch them all over from head to rump. This is to insure that they are okay with being touched and will not try to nip at us when doing so. Your dog will be introduced to both a male and female staff member. This is to insure they are comfortable with both sexes. Please note that if your dog shows any aggression towards a certain sex we will not be able to enroll them into dog daycare. 


2. If they pass the first part of the temp test, your dog will be taken back into the dog daycare area to meet 2-3 dogs first. We usually choose pack members for the second portion of the temp test that have varying personalities, such as puppies with high energy, and mellow dogs. We also introduce them to both male and female dogs. We understand that some dogs may be a bit anxious during this process. Anxiety is different than aggression. If your dog shows any sign of aggression, such as growling and/or nipping/biting, we cannot accept them into dog daycare.


3. If your dog passes the second part of the test, we will take them back into daycamp to meet the rest of the pack. At that point, you will be able to leave. We ask that you plan to leave your dog for two hours. This allows us to get to know your dogs personality and for them to get comfortable and play with their new friends. It is rare that a dog does not pass this part of the temp test. If they show anytype of aggression during those twe hours, we will call you and ask that you come pick up your dog.


Once they are officially enrolled in dog daycare your dog can come anytime during the week. You do not need to call ahead of time to make an appointment for them to attend dog daycare. 

Grateful Dogs Grooming and Daycamp serves the Thurston County area

including Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and Yelm. 

We offer a 5% military discount to our active service members and our veterans. 

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