The Grateful Dogs Team

Jason Grant, Owner

Jason has been the owner of Grateful Dogs since 2005, when it first opened. His dream of expanding his business to include a dog daycare was realized in 2012. 

Jason has been grooming since 2002. What he appreciates the most about owning the shop is the relationships he's created with dog owners in the community; time spent with Grateful Dogs talented staff, and sharing the responsibility of running the business with his partner and wife, Lysa. 

In his free time, Jason spends it with family and friends, playing music, being in or around water, gaming, reading, and anything Star Wars.  

Jason has lived in Olympia since 1998. He has one son, Ty; three stepdaughters, Alyse, Meghan, and Lauryn, and two granddaughters, Audrey and Abrielle.   

Lysa Grant, Manager, Co-owner 

Lysa has been managing Grateful Dogs since 2012, after having worked state government for over 15 years.  

There is so much about Lysa's job that she loves - from the dogs that have grown up in daycare, to the longtime, loyal customers she's gotten to know, to the amazing staff she has the pleasure of working with, to the partnership she has with her husband, Jason. She feels so fortunate to be a part of owning a successful small business in a supportive community!

Lysa is a reiki master/healing practitioner and owns her own business called Mooncycle Wellness. You can visit her Facebook page, Instagram, or website for more information. She is currently becoming a certified crystal healer. In her free time, Lysa spends it with family and friends, exercising, gardening, reading, collecting more crystals, doing her witchy stuff, and sometimes watching too much Netflix.  

Lysa has lived in Olympia since 1987. She has three grown daughters, Alyse, Meghan, and Lauryn, one step-son, Ty, and two granddaughters, Audrey and Abrielle. 

Taylor Allen, Asst. Manager

Taylor has been working at Grateful Dogs as a Daycamp Counselor since 2013. She was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2016. Her favorite part about working in the daycare is getting to know all the dogs and their personalities. She loves watching them play and seeing the shy dogs come out of their shell. 

When Taylor isn't at the shop, she's training her dog in cadaver search and retrieval, planning her wedding, and creating art! To see some of her amazing art, visit her Glass Petching Facebook Page.

Taylor lives in Tumwater with her husband Tevin, their dogs, Nyle and Nora (follow them on Instagram!), and their two cats Brody and Binky.

Meet our Groomers

Anna Lumsden

Anna has been working at Grateful Dogs as a groomer since 2010. She's been grooming since 2007. Her favorite part about grooming is that no day is ever the same. She also loves building relationships with the dogs she grooms.

When Anna isn't at the shop, she's creating yummy treats for her Etsy business Flying Squirrel Soapery. And when she's not doing her "artsy fartsy" stuff, she's off paddle boarding, or reading a good book.


Anna lives in Olympia with her husband, Neil, along with her two dogs, Emmie and Cricket, and one cat, Kia. 

Elicia McNeal

Elicia (pronounced, E-Lisa, in case you were wondering!), started working at Grateful Dogs in March 2019. She has been grooming dogs since 2010. Her favorite thing about grooming is making dogs look cute and getting to play with different breeds of dogs every day!


When Elicia isn't at the shop, you will find her in the great outdoors! She loves spending time with her daughter, being around animals, especially horses, being in nature, and sitting around the fire pit in her backyard.


Elicia lives in Rochester with her daughter Lotus and her mom, Paula along with three cats, three dogs, and two turtles! 

Jesarae Norton

Jesarae has been working at Grateful Dogs as a groomer since 2006. She has been grooming since 2001. Her favorite part about grooming is being with all the dogs and seeing how cute they are when their grooming is done. 

When Jesarae isn't at the shop she's a substitute school bus for the Tenino school district. (A brave woman!) She's also an independant distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.

Jes lives in Bucoda with her husband, Chad, her sons Corbin and Jameson, and her daughter Loren, along with one dog, Oscar, and a cat named Kitty.

Jim Martin

Jim has been working at Grateful Dogs as a groomer since May 2015. He has been grooming for a total of 11 years. His favorite part about grooming is the interaction he has with the dogs, helping to improve their lives, and the connections he has with their owners. 

When Jim isn't at the shop, you can find him at the gym, at home writing fictional novels, playing his guitar, or spending time with his lady. (As a side note: Jim is a music connoisseur, and can also recite many a line from more movies than ever could be listed here!) 

As of August 2019, Jim is officially a published author! We are so proud of him! A long time horror enthusiast, Jim's first novel, titled Closure, is now available via paperback and Kindle on Amazon.  

Kayla Swearingen

Kayla has been working at Grateful Dogs as a groomer since February 2019. She has been grooming since 2010. Kayla's favorite part about grooming is the transformation - from an amazing haircut - to a dog that goes from being really nervous to becoming relaxed and comfortable with the grooming process! 

When Kalya isn't at the shop, her favorite thing to do is go to dog shows! She is also a 4-H volunteer and a 4-H leader in the goat/sheep club. Her two oldest boys are also involved in canine 4-H. (Side Note: Kayla and Taylor used to be in 4-H together when they were just little kids! She also knows our former employee, Kami! It's a little world!)

Kayla lives in Olympia with her fiance Kyle, their four sons Wyatt, Waylon, Walker, and Weston, their five dogs, five goats, and numerous barn cats! 

Linsey Pulver

Linsey has been working at Grateful Dogs as a groomer since August 2018. She has been grooming for a total of 6 years. She originally started at cosmetology school, but quickly realized, that wasn't for her! A family friend managed a grooming shop, and it's there that her career with bathing and grooming dogs began. Her favorite part about grooming is the personal connection with the dogs.

When Linsey isn't at the shop, she's fostering dogs, volunteering (she'll be training to volunteer at the food bank soon), and kayaking. 

Linsey lives in Lacey with her fiance, Erik, their dogs Ben and Cliff, and their cat, Marti. Oh, and a whole bunch of chickens!

Mozelle Byers

Mozelle has been working at Grateful Dogs since February 2018. She has been working with dogs since 2011, and grooming since 2013. Mozelle's favorite part about grooming is basically the whole experience - from meeting new dogs and their owners, to learning new hair cuts and techniques, to expressing her creativity through her grooming skills. 

When Mozelle isn't at the shop, you can find her doing hot yoga, hiking, cooking (not baking, she made clear!), or binging on Netflix. She's also a Star Wars nerd!

Mozelle lives in the Olympia area with her two cats, Allie and Mia. 

Whitney Myette

Whitney has been working part-time at Grateful Dogs since September 2019. She has been grooming dogs since 2016. Whitney's favorite part about grooming is meeting all the different dogs, making new "dog friends", and being creative. 

When Whitney isn't grooming she likes to use her creative skills dying her dogs hair. Someday she may enter some dog grooming competitions! She loves spending time with her daughter, traveling to Oregon, and fishing in the summer.

Whitney lives in Olympia with her daughter Sophie, four dogs, two cats, and a fish.  

Meet our Daycamp Counselors

Kylina Matteoli - Lead

Kylina has been working as a Daycamp Counselor since June 2017. She was promoted to Daycamp Lead in March 2019. Her favorite part about working in the daycare is giving belly rubs - that seriously is the best thing for her! In her words "It is therapeutic!" 

When Kylina isn't at the shop she's reading novels and comics, doing freelance writing for various websites, and is currently working on a novel. She and her husband are very artistic and do a lot of projects together. They are also into cosplay and love attending different comicon events together.    

Kylina lives in Olympia with her husband, Tobias, and their dog Taryn.  They are expecting their first child in March, 2020!

Megan Barnes

Coming Soon!

Rosie Shaw

Rosie has been working as a Daycamp Counselor since February 2019. Her favorite part about working in the daycare is bonding with the dogs, getting to know them and learning their personalities and behaviors. 

When Rosie isn't at the shop she's hanging out with her dog, Ribsy, who's been trained to pull Rosie on her skateboard (which is pretty cool, if you ask me!), drawing (currently portraits), reading, playing pool, and singing karaoke.    

Rosie lives in Olympia with friends, and, of course, her dog.   

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