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Fecal Float Tests

The fecal floatation test is one of the most important tests that a dog should get on a regular basis. Fecal tests identify if your dog has Giardia and other various parasites. Here at Grateful Dogs dog daycare we require a fecal float test with negative results be done prior to a temperament test. If your dog has a positive result, they will not be able to complete the temperament test. You can reschedule the temp test after your dog has completed their treatment and another fecal test with negative results has been done.


Most veterinarians can do diagonistics in-house. All you need to do is bring in a very small sample of your dogs feces that is no more than 24 hours old. You do not need to make an appointment. Most of the vets in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Yelm area are familiar with our procedures and will just take the sample to complete the test for you.


You can either bring in a copy of the results on the day of your temperament test, have them emailed to us at by your vet, or have your vet give us a call.


Please note that if your dog has had a fecal test done within the last 3 months with negative results we will accept that.


Once your dog is officially enrolled in dog daycare, we require that fecal tests be done once a year thereafter. However, your vet may recommend one be done every six months. This is especially important if your dog plays at dog parks regularly and/or goes on hikes with you. 

Grateful Dogs Grooming and Daycamp serves the Thurston County area

including Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and Yelm. 

We offer a 5% military discount to our active service members and our veterans. 

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