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Cat Grooming

We are happy to offer our customers cat grooming seven days a week! Jim "the cat whisperer" and Kayla "the cat lady" are here to meet all your cat bathing and grooming needs!  


Cat Grooming Prices

  • Short Hair: $31.00

  • Long Hair: $51.00

  • Shave Down: $72.00 and up

  • Nail Trim: $12.00

  • Nail Caps: $25.00 (caps must be provided by customer)


Cat Grooming Appointments

Jim is available Tuesday through Saturday.

Kayla is available Sunday - Thursday.

Please call to schedule an appointment at 360-438-BATH (2284). 

Cat nail trims are NOT a walk-in service. Always call ahead in case Jim or Kayla are out sick or on vacation.

Please note that if you do not show up to your grooming appointment you will be charged a $25 no show fee which must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.

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